A Global Franchise Consulting Service, Offering Templates For Your Company To Become A Franchisor And We Can Also Develop The Franchising For You In Case You Do Not Want To Do It By Yourself With Our Templates. ​


Helping you Become a Successful Franchisor!

Founder of RK Franchise Consultancy Inc.

FRANMUNDO is operated by Rudolf Kotik, a Franchise Executive with 40 years of experience in managing and setting up Franchises and his global team of experts, lawyers, business developers, graphic team and other people necessary to provide you the best service at the lowest price.

40 Years of Experience

800+ Companies
developed into profitable franchise systems

FRANMUNDO is officially a division of the Filipino International Franchise Association, headed by Rudolf Kotik, together with the employees of RK Franchise Consultany, Gofran Business Consulting Firm, Expand Franchising and other entities, In the past 20 years this team developed more than 800 companies into Franchise Systems in 4 continents and most of the work done in Manila, Philippines.

How does it work

If you want to expand into Franchising, we can provide you all the documentation you need to be a Franchisor and you can select from our documentation menu and we even pre-tailor it to your needs. We provide you with the templates and you can easily finish the documentation by yourself and it is tailored according to the laws of your Country and business type.

 We can send you a quotation for the package in accordance to your need:

1.    Select Country (Code 100 onwards)

2.    Select Services you want to avail of (Code 200 onwards)

3.    Select business line you are into (Code 300)

Fill up the form below and we will send you a proposal for the tailored documentation you want and need.

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