Service Codes

Professional Franchise Development Services

You may choose the services you want to avail that we do “PROFESSIONALLY”

201 : Franchise Structure

• Calculating value of the Franchise
• Establishing Franchise Fee & Royalties
• Calculating Contract Length
• Investment Package Calculation

The Structure is done by Rudolf Kotik personally, wherein his experience as a Global Franchise Executive of 40 years comes in, he structured more than 800 Companies into Franchise Systems.

211 : Unit Franchise Contract

212 : Area Franchise Contract

213 : Master Franchise Agreement

214 : Memorandum of Agreement

215 : Landlord Agreement

216A : Addendums for Locations
217B : Addendums for Change of Legal Entity
218 : Transfer and Release Agreement
219 : Guarantee of Assumption of Liabilities
220 : Other Side Agreements

(Packaged according to requirements of the country)

230 : Operations Manual:

• Pre-Opening Manual
• Administration Manual
• Standard Operation Procedures
• Training Manual
• Forms and Report for Employment
• Accounting
• Inventory
• Operation
• Reports to Franchisor

We prepare tailored manual segments in accordance to the Country laws and in accordance to good business practice and can easily be adapted by yourself or your staff to your needs.

231 : Specialty Manuals

• Kitchen Manual for Restaurant
• Barista Manual for Coffee Shops
• Production Manuals for Producers
• Service Protocol for Wellness Franchises
• Product Manual for Retail Franchises
• Curriculum for Education Franchises

You may avail of our development service and we send a development specialist to do those manuals – whichever are applicable to you – or do them together with your staff virtual from our office.

240 : Franchise Disclosure

Depending on the Legal requirements of the Country if no legal requirements, in accordance to common practice.

250 : Franchise Marketing

• Franchise Brochure
• Franchise Marketing Kit
• Franchise Application

We have inhouse graphic team specialized to design Franchise Marketing materials.

260 : Franchisor Manual

• Guide on being a Franchisor
• How to select a Franchisee
• How to market your Franchise

270 : Complete Package

• All of the above

275 : Website

• Be visible worldwide

280 : Licensing Package

Where ever Franchising is not applicable we provide Legal Files for Licensing (App for global distribution, technical licensing etc.)

285 : Distributorship Package

For companies engaged in the Distribution, like Cosmetic Companies and others with a Distributorship and reseller level. The package includes legal requirements and Contracts, Manuals and Territory slicing.

290 : Branding Package

Logo Design, store aesthetic design, packaging, Menu boards and other design requirements.

295 : Trademark

Trademark registration in the Philippines, a WIPO Nation. We are a register agent of the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines

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